Advertising & Marketing Solutions

Pinnacle&Co. is your premier destination for outstanding in-house advertising and marketing solutions. We understand the significance of maintaining consistent branding across all online, print, and signage platforms. That’s why we offer comprehensive services within our Christchurch agency. When you collaborate with us, you’re partnering with a local team rather than an overseas agency, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Our team of professionals is fully equipped with expertise in website design, programming, and all aspects of branding, ensuring that your promotions perfectly align with your brand. With our dedicated experts, you can expect seamless communication, efficient project management, and exceptional results.

At Pinnacle&Co., we blend creativity, strategy, and technical proficiency to deliver customised solutions that match your business objectives. From visually captivating websites to powerful social media campaigns, we possess the skills necessary to enhance your online presence and reach your target audience effectively. Our close-knit team of talented in-house designers and support staff encourages collaboration, guaranteeing that your project receives the utmost attention from inception to completion. Take a look at  Our Work and Case Studies to read the transformative impact of our expertise.

We also make it easy for our clients by providing streamlined processes, prompt response times, and personalised attention, ensuring a hassle-free experience throughout the entire creative journey.

Contact us today to discover the power of our team in propelling your business forward. Trust Pinnacle&Co. to be your reliable partner in attaining success in digital, online, print, and signage endeavors for your business.



Work smarter. By thinking long-term and planning ahead Pinnacle&Co. can help you proactively meet your everyday challenges. We’ll partner with you each step of the way. Creating, developing, and putting into action our plan for your business, while actively testing and measuring to make sure you succeed.


Ideas that drive action. Our talented team of creative designers, marketers, copywriters, and website developers have been serving businesses like yours, right here, since 1997. Pinnacle&Co. brings passion, drive, experience, and creative ideas to your business, reaching your audience and delivering results.


Forming relationships that last. Join Pinnacle&Co. on a journey as we take your business to the next level. Our primary aim is to see you improve, succeed and achieve your strategic long-term goals. Experience what it means to be a Pinnacle&Co. partner and see the difference we can make in your business.

How Can Pinnacle&Co. Help You?

At Pinnacle&Co., we take pride in our proven formula that has consistently delivered outstanding results for our clients since 2016. With over two decades of experience since forming Pinnacle in 1997, we understand what it takes to make a business successful.

Our formula focuses on five key aspects of promotion to ensure effective results. First and foremost, we emphasise the importance of the basics. Is your website branded with your key messages? Does it have a modern look and updated backend programming? Is your logo and branding effectively representing your business? These foundational elements need to be in place before targeting specific audiences.

Next, we emphasise the significance of communication with your clients. We utilise various means such as social media and promotional/news digital EDM’s (PromoM@ils) to engage with your target audience. We firmly believe that effective communication is a key factor in growing a business.

Once the basics and communication channels are streamlined, we recommend implementing advertising strategies.

We have extensive experience and access to great resources to help you advertise effectively. Moreover, we prioritise the measurement and adjustment of advertising campaigns to ensure you get the best return on investment (ROI) for your advertising budget. We are transparent and honest about not wanting our clients to spend money on ineffective advertising.

Retaining clients is another important aspect we focus on. While acquiring new clients is crucial, it is equally important to retain existing ones. We have various strategies tailored to the size of your company to help you build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

If you require assistance with strategy development, planning for future promotions, or presenting your company’s plans to the board of directors, we specialise in crafting effective strategies. Our expertise covers various areas, including marketing and social media, and we guarantee 100% support in creating impactful plans.

Ultimately, our priority is ensuring that our clients achieve results. We have invested in our own business to develop this exceptional formula, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve business success.