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Hi, we’re Pinnacle&Co., the Christchurch agency that delivers outstanding advertising and marketing for all of our clients. If you’re looking for sharp, consistent branding across all of your marketing, whether digital, print, signage or online, you should be talking to us. We’re a friendly, local team of design and marketing professionals working in-house to deliver outstanding creative solutions to all of your brand and promotional needs.

Our capabilities are many and varied. We have design professionals, web developers, and our marketing and strategy abilities allow us to deliver well-thought-out campaigns across all media. Working with us gives you seamless communication, efficient project management, and exceptional results.

We’ve built our reputation on blending creativity, technical excellence and strategic vision for all of our clients’ brand and marketing objectives. From visually striking websites to powerful social media campaigns, we have all the skills necessary to grow your online presence, creating positive and meaningful connections to your target audience. Take a look at  Our Work and Case Studies to read the transformative impact of our expertise.

Our straightforward and friendly approach means transparent and easy-to-follow processes, speedy turnaround times, and positive stress-free results for our clients.

Discover the experience for yourself. Contact us today and lets get the conversation started.

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Work smarter. By thinking long-term and planning ahead we’ll help you meet your long-term goals while providing tactical solutions to your everyday marketing and promotion needs, partnering with you every step of the way. We believe in actively testing and measuring all of our work, ensuring every step is one made with confidence.


Ideas that build connections. Our talented team of designers, marketers, copywriters, and web developers have been serving businesses like yours since 1997. We bring passion, drive, experience, and creative energy to your business, reaching your audience, delivering real results.


Creative partners – that’s how we see ourselves. We’re all about building long-term relationships with our clients. We’re focused on seeing you succeed and to achieve your long-term business goals. Experience what it means to be a Pinnacle&Co. partner and see the difference we can make in your business.

How Can Pinnacle&Co. Help You?

At Pinnacle&Co., we take pride in our proven formula that has consistently delivered outstanding results for our clients. With over two decades of experience since Pinnacle opened it’s doors in 1997, we understand what it takes to make a business successful. How can we help you?

Our formula focuses on these five key aspects to ensure effective results. First and foremost, we emphasise the importance of the basics. Is your website branded with your key messages? Does it have a modern look and up-to-date programming? Does your logo and branding effectively represent your business? These baseline elements need to be in place to communicate to your chosen audience with confidence.

Next, we emphasise the importance of communicating with your clients. We use social media and email marketing (PromoM@ils) to engage with your chosen audience. We firmly believe that meaningful communication is key to growing your business.

Once the basics and communication channels are sorted, we can start working on advertising strategies and the tactics needed to achieve them.

We have extensive experience and access to great resources to help you advertise effectively. Moreover, we prioritise the measurement and adjustment of advertising campaigns to ensure you get the best return on investment (ROI) for your advertising budget. We are transparent and honest about not wanting our clients to spend money on ineffective advertising.

Retaining clients is another important aspect we focus on. While acquiring new clients is crucial, it is equally important to retain existing ones. We have various strategies tailored to the size of your company to help you build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

If you require assistance with strategy development, planning for future promotions, or presenting your company’s plans to the board of directors, we specialise in crafting effective strategies. Our expertise covers various areas, including marketing and social media, and we guarantee 100% support in creating impactful plans.

Ultimately, our priority is ensuring that our clients achieve results. We have invested in our own business to develop this exceptional formula, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve business success.

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