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20 Years today!

We are celebrating like a 20 year old!
Pinnacle&Co. has hit the big 20. And what a truly special journey!

So how did Pinnacle Design (as it was called back then) start…

In late 1997 Phillippa door knocked many, if not all Advertising Agencies looking for work.
She had been fired multiple times with broken legs, glandular fever, etc. This however might have helped Phillippa to get her first sports car with winning in court with these not so clever employers, however sports car in all, her CV looked atrocious.

So it was multiple doors she had to knock on. It seemed a never ending journey for her with her very heavy portfolio.
NZ Winz office not believing Phillippa was actually hitting the pavement as she had told them, door knocking looking for work in Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin and Queenstown was pretty disheartening and added to the low self esteem she had already.
Determined she ignored them and carried on. She did of course have first class honours in her degree, so of course she could design even though they thought she should try something else.

Then a magic door opened. The door was number 101 Phillippa had knocked on.
And Terry, the owner of a local Christchurch advertising agency kindly offered Phillippa rent free for 6 months, and use of a spare office. What a truly incredible man that has changed the lives of so many with one kind gesture. The Government at the time gave her 6 months grant to start her own business too. So with these wonderful opportunities, nothing was to stop Phillippa, all those “no sorry no jobs here” was a thing of the past.

It was time for business.
Those who run businesses know it is not an easy road, nor is it a fast road. But what is an amazing journey is the Pinnacle team I have had. But when you get the formula right it is amazing. Yes there are many tough times – but oh so many wonderful moments.
Starting with zero clients and even cutting out her own business cards (don’t do as they do!), faxing people looking for freelance work, the world had so much to offer so Phillippa embraced it. Many years went by with hard work, creativeness, determination and true passion for success.

Phillippa and her long term team today have enjoyed the work they do with clients with the chance to grow their businesses and showing how they add value too.
Gone are the days with Phillippa having 18 hour days (pre staff) and nervous of the next work load and where will it come from.
Phillippa and her team have crafted a clever business and one that works with clients regularly, that have strategic marketing goals that the team measure and achieve, alter and tweak for each clients needs. It has been a delight to have so many clients take this journey with them. This is what Pinnacle&Co. are about… the past, current and future and the wonderful processes in place to succeed. Even the last year and a half has taken the business to a new way of thinking and the results speak for themselves.

It is a true pleasure for Phillippa and her team to be celebrating today. it’s not every day that one gets to thank everyone for all they do. But her team are just the best. They are clever, creative, great personalities and a truly wonderful Pinnacle family.

We can’t get away without thanking our wonderful clients, supporters and suppliers. Every client that let’s the creative team get their teeth into the designs and strategies are truly the winners, and they thank them for letting them take their businesses to new heights.

Thank you from Phillippa and her wonderful clever team, here’s to the next 20 years!