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A relief package is available!

And it’s a bit of good news.

If your business has been affected by the drop in tourism visitors from International or National – then help is here. You don’t need to be an accommodation or activities-based business, you simply could have less traffic past your door, ie: Fish n Chip shops as well.

When will the overseas visitors be back? Businesses like yours, over most of New Zealand, have been affected, we’re guessing that’s the million-dollar question. We don’t know the answer, but we do know there’s help available while you wait.

You may be wondering why we are sending this to you. You may not know who Pinnacle&Co. is but we may have meet you in the past or very shortly you will hear from us as we will be following up with you soon.

And it’s MONEY for Strategic Planning, Fresh Marketing Planning, and Implementation, and more…

If you’re based in one of these places, there are funds available to invest in the future of your business.

Queenstown Lakes District
Southland District
Kaikōura District
Mackenzie District
Westland District

It might be difficult to see the way forward right now, and that’s the perfect time to sit down with supportive experts and nut out your biggest challenges. Want to take online bookings but your website needs work? Perfect. Looking to target a new market? Yes. From refreshing your signage to creating a new marketing strategy, a supportive expert on your team could be just what you need.

At Pinnacle&Co., we are talking to business owners like you all the time, and we’re here to listen. Phillippa, Founder/CEO of Pinnacle&Co. has visited some of you in Kaikoura, Caitlins, and Te Anau recently and had great inside information on how things really are for you, and how we can help on a more personal level with your businesses. We are certainly sending local friends/people your way, as they were fabulous trips before and during the Christmas period.

Here are a few pics from Phillippa’s amazing trip around to see your beautiful areas.

Feel free to chat to us about what support is available, how to access the Tourism Communities Initiatives grants, and most importantly, how that money could help you the most.

There are grants available to help your business if affected by the drop in tourism to keep going, change tact, and prepare for the future. 

All photos taken by Phillippa herself while touring the South Island over December/January.


  • Business Advisory Support grants
    Up to $5,000 per business to enable access to expert advice and support such as changing target market or scaling their business.
  • Advice Implementation grant
    Up to $5,000 per business to implement the advice of what actual requirements your business needs, ie: Google Adverting, new website, promotions, etc.

Our advice? Reach out and grab it with both hands. Simply send us an email, or call us, and we are more than happy to help you with form filling, on what you are able to apply for, and any other questions you may have, we can also introduce you to the Regional Business Partner in your area, if you have not had connections already.