Are you still confused by smartphone friendly websites

Education is exciting to some, but scary to others, so we will try to make this painless! In a nutshell, smartphone friendly “responsive” websites have been around for around 3+ years now. 93% of all website users will use a mobile device first. So if your website is not smartphone friendly then they may click off your website as fast as they clicked on it. The dreaded 1.5-3 second rule of someone judging your business by first impressions is so important.

If you have a website that you still have to pinch to zoom-in and out of on your mobile device, then this is not smartphone friendly. If programmed the modern way, your website would be readable without the need for zooming in. It is expected nowadays to have a smartphone website, this is why we find it hard to know why a business owner would not find this needed for helping their business.

So why do you need to upgrade? Why get a new website? It’s very rare to not want new business or for an existing business to grow. The purpose of having a new website it to make it easy for your audience to see what you do, and to give you the best chance at convincing them that they should choose to work with you, and show them how to easily contact you.

Our purpose is to give you the right tools to help you bring in more money and to grow your profit too.

The first step is often your image and online first impression. If it’s not up to date, it looks like you don’t care about your business. Does this make you nervous? It’s painless working with us, we help as little or as much as you like!

The other strange thing that we don’t understand is even if you are busy, why you wouldn’t want to keep the work coming? Why give work to your opposition? You know the old saying, “don’t look for work when you are quiet, look for it when you are too busy”. Your new smartphone friendly website doesn’t bring in millions of customers a day, but generally for a New Zealand or Australian company, a few new clients a week coming in your inbox from your website is a great investment. We recommend a chat with us to see what is stopping you taking that next step. We are here to help.

Still not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Click here to take the test!

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