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  • Social Media benefits for using it for your business

    It can be quite overwhelming where to start or if to start going down the social media path in your business. Let’s break down some thoughts for you.  So which platform is for you? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? LinkedIn? Snapchat? It comes down to the more you know your target audience the better, but it also comes … Continued

  • Measuring and recording your advertising is essential…

    One of the keys to a successful business is to know where your work is coming from. Get excited about how business can be measured, as there is nothing better than knowing what you are doing right and what you can improve on. You’ve heard people tell you before to measure, but how? That’s where we … Continued

  • 21 Shots

    If you had told me 21 years ago that I would be running one of Christchurch’s top Advertising agencies I probably would have thought that you were crazy. But here I am, and what a ride it has been. I have an enviable client list, wonderfully talented and kind staff, a bright yellow sports car … Continued

  • Keeping up with technology online. Is it time for a website upgrade?

    We understand that keeping up with technology online can seem never ending. However if you look at your website as the positive powerful tool for your business that it is, it can be a central asset for sales. Just as a website gets tired looking, dated and not really representing who you really are today, the … Continued

  • 20 Years today!

    We are celebrating like a 20 year old! Pinnacle&Co. has hit the big 20. And what a truly special journey! So how did Pinnacle Design (as it was called back then) start… In late 1997 Phillippa door knocked many, if not all Advertising Agencies looking for work. She had been fired multiple times with broken … Continued

  • Sweet Deal Bares Fruit For Our Funkiest Client

    Are your marketing efforts delivering results? Are you strategically targeting your customers and getting a return on your investment? “We were spending a lot of money on radio and Facebook promotions, but it was hard to judge the results,” says Funky Pumpkin Co-Director Laura Jory. “We were new to the business and we didn’t know … Continued

  • Random Acts of Kindness

    True success comes from what you give, and at Pinnacle&Co. we are fortunate to be in a position where we can give back to our community. Pinnacle&Co. proudly sponsors Pay It Forward, a not-for-profit organisation who organises Random Acts of Kindness Day. We regularly provide design and marketing solutions for local groups like Pay It … Continued

  • Your content marketing strategy should be like a good workout – Regular!

    Exercising every now and again is no way to get fit or lose weight. In the same way, we know that ad hoc marketing campaigns deliver ad hoc results. At Pinnacle&Co we want to see you achieve measurable success and growth by keeping you. Here are three simple ways to create your own marketing strategy. … Continued

  • Our strategic approach to business.

    What’s in a name? Does your company name define your business? Under a different name, would you still be you? Recently a client asked us if we had changed our name because we’d partnered with another company, and the answer is ‘Yes we have. You!’ Believe it or not, we’ve been working on the decision … Continued

  • Reaching your target market

    Is your target market driven by details, or driven by trust? As you’ll often see that doing strategic branding, it is the simple that wins over and over each time. This is true when it comes to touching base with your target audience. Don’t complicate things! We aren’t saying that there isn’t an exception to … Continued