P&C Case Study: Victoria Florists

It was Pinnacle&Co. boss Phillippa who planted the seed to Victoria Florist owner, Leanne Lovell, that she upgrade her website in early 2020.

Leanne says, “Phillippa is really good. She believed in me. Believed in what I did. Our website was old and I took the punt because Phillippa has been doing this so long, she gave me confidence. It’s been amazing. It’s turned our business around.”

A slick upgrade

Leanne says the new website has allowed her to add more products and more price ranges plus she and her team can maintain the site themselves, changing images and keeping it up to date.

“It’s allowed our customers to easily purchase online, plus they can see what we do. If they like our bunches they will come into the shop,” says Leanne.

And that’s exactly what’s happened …

Pinnacle & Co’s website upgrade had an immediate effect on Victoria Florist’s sales.

Online purchases bloomed by 257%

“Turnover went up and the whole business has become more profitable. Since launching the site, I have increased from three to six staff to keep up. We are now one of the top florists in town.”

So what’s it like to work with Pinnacle & Co?

Leanne says, “Whenever I have an idea, I run it past them. They do my business cards, gift cards and they also did a funeral book for me that I take to the funeral homes. That’s been very successful.”

“There’s a real finesse to what they do. They are not too big, so you feel they care. They make you feel like you’re part of it, that you’re not just a client. And I love taking my dogs in to see Coco (office pup).”

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