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  • Our strategic approach to business.

    What’s in a name? Does your company name define your business? Under a different name, would you still be you?

    Recently a client asked us if we had changed our name because we’d partnered with another company, and the answer is ‘Yes we have. You!’

    Believe it or not, we’ve been working on the decision to become Pinnacle&Co. since last …

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  • Reaching your target market

    Is your target market driven by details, or driven by trust?

    As you’ll often see that doing strategic branding, it is the simple that wins over and over each time.
    This is true when it comes to touching base with your target audience. Don’t complicate things!

    We aren’t saying that there isn’t an exception to every rule, but mostly we …

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  • Are you still confused by smartphone friendly websites

    Education is exciting to some, but scary to others, so we will try to make this painless! In a nutshell, smartphone friendly “responsive” websites have been around for around 3+ years now. 93% of all website users will use a mobile device first. So if your website is not smartphone friendly then they may click off your website as fast …

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  • Launch!

    As you may be aware, we have had so much fun and excitement and change going on behind the scenes. We have been working with professionals and talking with our clients and staff. This has helped us shape the next exciting stage of our journey together.

    We’re so excited to refresh, rebrand and relaunch ourselves as your new strategic creative …

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  • Effort Versus Results

    You know the saying if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!

    Another great saying, there are many ways to skin a cat (sorry cat lovers!).

    Both of these sayings are talking about what else could you be doing to help the success of your business? So how much of an effort do you need …

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  • How important is your branding to your success?

    Do you go to work in your old clothes? Holes in them, stained? Etc. We didn’t think so… take pride in your brand as you would wear it with pride!

    Trust us, we’ve heard it all. You’re super busy, so don’t need an amazing website? In fact you think even having a broken website is fine! Or it’s still behind …

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  • Do you measure where your business comes from?

    When it comes to advertising, people may feel that they need to be spending a lot of money in order to succeed. We believe that sometimes just looking at the basic questions can help your business a lot first!

    What are we talking about?
    Do you have a record where your business comes from? We often hear at Pinnacle&Co. that …

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