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Communication! 22 years on!

December 12th, 1997!

If we look back only 22 years we see just how much things have changed in the advertising world. 

There was no social media! What? Can you imagine life without that!? There was a fax machine! There were calendars on the wall, not on your phone and certainly not on your watch, oh that’s right there wasn’t anything much on your phone other than your address book to make phone calls, texts messages and the game snake! 

Looking forward to communication now is amazing in such a short space of time. The smartphone, electric cars, self-driven cars… what! 

But what it has done is made doing business easy! It’s made communicating with your target audience something you can measure. 
Using social media, messenger/WhatsApp etc the way SEO (getting found on Google), a CRM to organise and keep track of who and when you talk to clients has helped businesses communicate full stop. This is really quite astounding! 

The letterbox at the end of your gate has become the phone at the end of your fingertips… that’s right, I commonly say that the letterbox is now your social media… where you choose to delete, read, wait, post, send etc. kind of takes the scariness away when you look at social media as just a “modern-day letterbox”.

What about internet banking, apps to help you reach your target market, online shops – what? You mean fast forward from 22 years ago to today and we shop using our fingertips! Kind of makes you think doesn’t it! Makes me wonder what the next 22 years might bring. 

I’ve loved watching businesses change and diversify as the world changes. We did that too, 17 years ago we changed from designing websites to programming them in-house too! We design and program letters like you’re reading now. Printing is amazing, the cost and speed of digital, the quality of offset printing, the quality and size of printed billboards – not to mention digital billboards – fabulous! 

Wherever you were 22 years ago on December 12th, it was certainly a life-changing day for us! The day we opened the doors to Pinnacle! Each and every one of us, not just myself are grateful and so happy you came on this amazing journey of communication with us! 

Here’s to 22 years and Pinnacle&Co and cheers to you for ALL of your amazing support… we can’t wait for the next part of the journey together!