Communication Consistency

Having a brand is a great first step. The next stage is communicating your message clearly and consistently. That’s the key to keeping your clients engaged and your business at the top of their minds. How often are you talking with your customers across all your communication channels?

Coordinate your message on a regular basis, so all your marketing channels help achieve your business goals. For clear, consistent communication across your website, social media, and PromoM@il.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the new word-of-mouth marketing, and cannot be ignored in this digital marketing age. Are your social media platforms promoting the professional image of your business? Pinnacle&Co. can create consistent branding and communication across all your platforms.


Direct email campaigns send your message straight to your customer’s inbox. You could reward loyal clients, share a ‘behind the scenes’ story or promote your products and services. If it’s right for your audience, Pinnacle&Co. compose creative PromoM@il campaigns with clear messages, driving action and achieving your goals.


How do you give your customers value, and bring visitors to your website while improving your Search Engine Optimisation? Pinnacle&Co. write and upload targeted blogs that over time, can improve your Google rankings and convince potential customers you can solve their problems.

Social Media Seminars

You know your business needs to be online, but you’re not sure what to do? Pinnacle&Co. host regular seminars on using Facebook. We can also advise you on using Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We host public seminars, or we can personalise one-on-one sessions for your business, so you get the best social media head-start.