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Your content marketing strategy should be like a good workout – Regular!

Exercising every now and again is no way to get fit or lose weight. In the same way, we know that ad hoc marketing campaigns deliver ad hoc results. At Pinnacle&Co we want to see you achieve measurable success and growth by keeping you.

Here are three simple ways to create your own marketing strategy. If you’re regularly taking care of these, you’re doing really well!


Regularly posting blogs gives your audience a reason to return to your website. They know that every week, fortnight, or month there will be a fresh blog for them to read that adds value to their business or life.

Google also loves regular blog posting, and rewards active websites by raising their Google rankings. If you would like more prospective customers to find your website, regular blogging is a great way to make that happen.

TIP: Who is your ideal customer? What challenges do they ask you to solve? Blogs should be around 500 – 800 words long, and educate, inform or entertain people about something relevant to your business or industry. Knowing who your ideal customer is makes blog writing easier. We have more information and advice about blogging here.


What impression do you get when you visit a business’ Facebook page and it’s been months since their last update?

Regularly posting to Facebook and social media keeps your audience engaged. They can see what’s happening in your business and stay up to date with changes in your industry, all of which keeps your brand at the top of their minds .

It’s hard to maintain a following and boost your audience if you’re only posting to Facebook every now and again. A regular social media strategy will keep people engaged with your business.

TIP: Instead of trying to think about what to post each day, spend some time planning a social media calendar. That way you can keep your message consistent and can schedule content to be posted in the future, saving you time. You can find more about successful Facebook strategies here.


Do you collect customer data? How often do you update your database? Have you communicated directly with your customers in the last six months?

Despite being one of the oldest forms of online marketing, direct newsletter campaigns still deliver results. People go online at different times and not everyone is on Facebook, but regular, targeted messages sent directly to their inbox can still deliver results.

To be effective, PromoM@ils must be sent regularly. If you’re only sending newsletters every now and again, it’s hard to build a loyal following. Customers are more likely to forget about your brand or unsubscribe.

TIP: Make sure your PromoM@il content is relevant, interesting, and sent sparingly. It’s great for keeping in touch with clients, but if you send more than three PromoM@ils a month they might think you’re spamming them.

Used regularly, Blogging, Facebook and PromoM@ail are fantastic tools for engaging people with your brand and attracting new customers. They work even better when all three tools are strategically coordinated with each other.

If you’re struggling to keep consistent with your blogs, PromoM@il or Facebook content, or want to take a more strategic approach to your marketing campaigns, contact the Pinnacle&Co team on 03 377 0350 – Your strategic, creative partners.