Customer Care

Do you want to take your business to the next level? To make the jump from good to great? These strategy and planning sessions represent the next level of customer care thinking, to improve your business to the highest possible standard.

We want you to come with us to the next level, to make your business more proactive, and more strategic, helping you to lift your game overall.

Discovery Sessions

What are your values? What’s your mission statement? What is your point of difference and why are you in business? We listen to you and what you want to be, to help you create a positive culture and a better overall company. A happy team means happier customers.

Mystery Shopping

Make sure the customer experience you promote is what people actually receive. The Pinnacle&Co. team can go undercover to check and evaluate your customer’s total experience, and make sure it meets your expectations.

Marketing Audits

In order to improve, we have to know what’s working and what isn’t. Before we come in with our ideas, we listen to you and evaluate your current marketing and advertising efforts so we best understand your business.

Customer Surveys

How satisfied are your customers? Do they know about your full range of products or services? When was the last time you asked them? Pinnacle&Co. run customer surveys to identify what you’re doing well and the areas you can improve, so you can make your company even better.

Project Management

We are not in the business of giving you the tools and leaving you to your own devices. Pinnacle&Co. are your strategic creative partners, and we will oversee your projects from conception to completion. That’s what true partnership is all about.

Reporting and Analysis

Did your last advertising campaign achieve what you planned? The only way to know for sure is to test and measure. We can deliver reports and analysis from your Pinnacle&Co. marketing and advertising initiatives, so you can see and understand your results.