Do you measure where your business comes from?

When it comes to advertising, people may feel that they need to be spending a lot of money in order to succeed. We believe that sometimes just looking at the basic questions can help your business a lot first!

What are we talking about?
Do you have a record where your business comes from? We often hear at Pinnacle&Co. that “they got referred to us”… and we ask them: “But did you ask any deeper questions?”

  1. Did they hear of you before the referral?
  2. Have they seen your signage before?
  3. Have they been to your website?
  4. Do they use Facebook or other social media, and have liked your page? Do they follow you?
  5. Have they seen any other advertising you’ve done?

All of these questions are really basic questions that should be asked, so you then know what’s working. Even if you’ve been referred by a happy client or a friend, you still need to know what other efforts you are making as far as being seen is also making a difference.

Then what?
We suggest you record these. We know, it is a tough thought to ask each time, you are helping your business so much by knowing these things. Your business will be worth so much more with multiple measurements and recordings. We use a CRM, a customer relationship management online tool. We pay only $39 per month for the one we have chosen. It’s where you can record where all these answers go. We are always happy to show you what we use at Pinnacle&Co. Every company has a different need in a CRM, but showing you what we use will help you to understand why you need to record this information, once you get in the habit, you’ll 100% wish you had started sooner.

Wouldn’t you like to know your efforts in advertisng were actually working and know that it wasn’t “just a referral?” That your new client actually did research on you – which all helped to get you the job.

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