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Facebook…the modern letterbox

Facebook is the modern letterbox. What do we mean by modern letterbox? It wasn’t that long ago that we got letters/flyers/promotions in print in our mailbox nearly every day. That often people put up a “no circulars please” or “no junk mail”. It was a place we collected mail when we got home, we posted mail to other people, we binned things we didn’t want, and we went shopping and clipped coupons even for other items. The letterbox was where you kept in touch with people with letters, birthday cards, presents etc.

Now with Facebook, we see things regularly, we delete things we don’t want to see. We post things to get people to spend with us, we keep in front of people to keep up that trust, that familiarity of recognising our businesses – it is just the same if you aren’t there you won’t be remembered! Be brave. Keep up the posting. Keep up the relationships. 

Need a refresher or help on Facebook? We have a Zoom Facebook Seminar Wednesday 6th May 9:30 am – 11:30 am. 

Special Lockdown price… ONLY $55 +GST per person (normally $85 +GST) 


The ugly monster in the room. So many of us want to use it, but perhaps don’t quite get how it works. 

Facebook is part of a marketing plan. It isn’t used alone. You need to do other things too. And Facebook isn’t that answer to instant work. 

Only 3% of the world are looking for your service right now. So if you aren’t there, how do those 3% find you. 

And for the other 97% – they don’t know they need you “just yet” – that is why you need to be there regularly.