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Getting Results: it’s the HOW, not the What

With marketing and advertising, what you do, often isn’t as important as HOW you do it.

Whether you’re taking your first steps as a business, or you want to ‘bust through some walls’ and take your business to the next level, Pinnacle&Co. will show you how to get not just results, but measurable results.

This Post is an overview about ‘turning up the volume’: keeping your business visible by communicating clearly, consistently and regularly with existing and potential customers.

How you Communicate

How a message is delivered, often has a bigger impact than the content.

It’s crucial to deliver content regularly, in ways that engage and resonate with your target audience/s. Pinnacle&Co. can partner with you to do this, working to the pace and budget that suits you (we also have payment plans available).

Starting that process can be as simple as contacting Pinnacle&Co. to arrange a relaxed chat and coffee – on us, of course! Just like Rusty from Drainage King, did!

Or you can book a complimentary 90-minute Discovery Session. This can also be useful if we have worked with you in the past, but not on a regular basis.

How to Stay Visible

Having a targeted brand is a great first step. The next stage is to ‘stick your head out of the sand’, to communicate your message clearly and consistently.

The Secret Formula?

For our regular Pinnacle&Co. clients, it’s not a secret anymore: they know that getting results is about staying visible through planned, measured and regular work with us. E.g. Social Media, Google Ads, regular PromoM@il (EDM) campaigns, and Blog Posts.

Thank you if you’re already a regular client – we know you’re winning because we measure our clients’ results!

Read more in a previous Blog Post, about communicating with customers/potential customers, to help keep your business top of mind:

Measuring Results

Too often, people can feel like marketing or advertising is a gamble – they cross their fingers and ‘hope for the best’. But Pinnacle&Co. believes in delivering measurable results and a return on our clients’ investment.

Measured advertising will always be more successful, as it enables us to fine-tune content and how it’s delivered, based on performance. Our expertise gets quality results – we know, because we have years of data and client feedback, to show that Pinnacle&Co. really does walk the talk!

I know it is working … our capabilities have increased four-fold.
That’s an amazing increase directly from better branding and promotion
Jayne Morgan – The Finishing Touches

We have doubled the amount of online vehicle valuations we are doing since Pinnacle&Co. upgraded our website and design.
Mike Payne – NZ Vehicle Valuations

Read about some of our many client success stories, on our Case Studies page.

Identifying Opportunities

Complimentary 90-minute Discovery Session

To identify opportunities for your business to grow, Pinnacle&Co. offers a complimentary Discovery Session. We’ll discuss your goals, target market/s and current activities; what’s working, what may not be.

“We then come back to you with in-depth recommendations based on a budget to suit your business”
Phillippa Jacobs-Lory

Your Discovery session is complimentary, with absolutely NO cost or obligation. And if you decide to work with Pinnacle&Co. to action any of our recommendations, we have payment plans available.

So… Are you ready to crank up the volume?!