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Health & Safety

We’ve really enjoyed doing our Health and Safety. How many times have you thought “I should do something” but never get around to it. Or do somethings – but not really enough. We always had those thoughts, it won’t happen to us, we just run an office, what really could go wrong. But meeting Kelvin from Health & Safety At Work, New Zealand, being introduced by one of our awesome clients – we realised just how much we should be doing that we were not. Kelvin telling us how a women in Christchurch was changing a light bulb standing on a desk, fell back and hit her head and died. Such a simple task – but terribly devastating for so many. It made us realise we don’t have to be a moving forklift, a scaffolding type business etc for an accident to occur.

It has been a pleasure working with Kelvin, he has been amazing at working with us all, and quarterly. Also helping us produce a “working manual”. He meets, talks about mental health as well, and all the things we can do to look after each other. And legally should be! If you are wanting to work with an affordable company that genuinely cares – let us know, as we’d love to introduce you to Kelvin. We should all be doing this, but it’s knowing who is good and where to go that stops us at times – he has made it really easy, hence recommending him.