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Is in-house Marketing a good idea?

Is changing to in-house Marketing a good idea or not, for businesses? Before we delve into this, if you didn’t get a chance to read our March Blog Post: ‘Marketing in Uncertain Times: 10 Free Tips’ – it’s well worth a read if you, your business or organisation are wondering whether to: cut back or stop marketing / stick with the current marketing / spend more on marketing.

Pinnacle&Co. takes the time to share this (and other learnings from being in business for 25 years), because it’s big part of the ‘Why’ of our business: to help others succeed.

Changing to in-house Marketing

Weighing up the pros & cons

We understand that in these challenging economic times, the idea of having some or all of your marketing work done in-house can be tempting. However, as advertising professionals, we can’t help but be concerned when we hear about businesses considering this move.

“Whether they’re a client or not, when we hear about a business thinking of doing this, ‘alarm bells’ go off in our minds,” says Phillippa – Pinnacle&Co. owner & founder. “That’s because we’re concerned on their behalf, about the impact it could have on their business.”

At Pinnacle&Co., we have years of experience helping businesses thrive in the ever-changing marketing landscape. As the owner and founder of our company, Phillippa has seen firsthand the impact that a hasty decision to go in-house can have on a business. Meet with us because we have creative ways to work with your budget and make it work for you.

Factors to consider, include:

  • Whether the business has people/someone with the skill set, time (and interest!) in taking the extra work on.
  • Can they also test, measure, provide reports and analysis?
  • Could going in-house, impact productivity negatively, in other areas of the business?

Walking the Talk: will the work that’s needed, actually get done, or on time? Even as an agency ourselves, Pinnacle&Co. had to remind ourselves to carve out time for our own, regular marketing and advertising. We now treat ourselves as a client, set deadlines and prioritise our work too.

So, why work with us!

We work to a proven Pinnacle&Co. formula that takes the guesswork out of marketing, ensuring that you stay visible and onboard with your clients and stand out to potential clients.

Just ask Harewood Panel & Paint, who have grown from a one-man-band to 16 staff, punching above their weight thanks to our marketing work. Don’t wait any longer to see the same results – learn more about our strategy and planning services today.

“We’ve grown from a one-man-band to 16 staff. We definitely punch above our weight.
I put that down to the marketing we’ve been doing … We’ve seen the results.” 
Jason – Harewood Panel & Paint Owner

Talent, resources & scalability

Our talented team of marketers, designers, web developers, and copywriters provide the level of marketing and advertising support you require, no matter how big or small.

We understand that your business is unique, and we work with businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of industries, each with their own particular way of communicating and attracting clients.

Whether you’re looking for a $95+gst Facebook seminar or a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign, we can help.

Before you decide to handle your marketing in-house, consider whether your team has the talent, resources and scalability to handle it all, and keep it up.

Book a discovery session and rediscover your mojo!

Pinnacle&Co. offers a free consultation with our founder, Phillippa, to help you review your current marketing and advertising strategy and identify opportunities.

During the Free 90-minute session, we’ll provide a structured questionnaire to help us understand what’s working for your business and what’s not. Based on the insights gained from the Discovery Session, we’ll prepare an in-depth presentation that includes personalized tips and recommendations, tailored to your budget and business needs.