Measuring and recording your advertising is essential…

One of the keys to a successful business is to know where your work is coming from. Get excited about how business can be measured, as there is nothing better than knowing what you are doing right and what you can improve on.

You’ve heard people tell you before to measure, but how? That’s where we can help you. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew where you leads were coming from? Would you like to have a place to record these leads? Imagine if you knew you were spending your money on direct results that you could measure? Perhaps you are doing some of this already, but need to do more?

It isn’t actually complicated to do some simple things right.

If there is one thing we could teach people in business, it is to ask “how did you hear about us” – but importantly, dig a little deeper into the answer. If they say online, what does online actually mean?

Did they Google, if they did, what was the actual words they searched for?

Did you know we know what people search for when looking for your business? We can!

Did they hit the Adwords advert at the top in Google? Or did they hit your website below, in the organic search, ie: you didn’t pay for AdWords, you just come up organically when searching your kind of business. Normally some sort of SEO (search engine optimisation) is needed for this, which we are also experts in helping.

Did they see you on a billboard when out driving? Perhaps your branded car driving around?

Do you have sign writing on your premises?

Did someone recommend you? Do you use social media?

Do you know if you send a promotional email (we call these PromoM@ils) then you can measure what time your client clicks on it, whether they click through to your website, how many times, what days?

All of this is hugely important to know more about your advertising success. This is so you don’t waste your advertising dollar in the wrong areas. We know how hard you work for your money, let us help you measure the results. So you have asked the question “where did you hear about us?” Now do you record these results? Imagine if for example, you didn’t have to remember to call Bob back in March?

Imagine if you had a system that can notify it is time to contact Bob again to make that sale when he said he will be ready, what you or your staff last said to Bob, measure your jobs converted and have a good idea on your success rate.

We can help you set up a CRM, (Customer Relationship Management) tool for your business. There are many types and it is worth the time finding out which ones works the best for your business. We are more than happy to show you which one we use and show you how it works. It is an essential tool for you business.

If you wish to measure and record what you are doing in your business – talk to us at Pinnacle&Co. today.

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