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Unleash your growth potential

Innovative lead generation techniques, using our customised business development strategies. 

Our team at Pinnacle&Co. has the expertise, strategies, and proven track record to help clients effectively navigate the competitive landscape and unlock untapped opportunities. However, sometimes it takes “thinking outside the square” to come up with what could be thought of as the logical answer. However, as Phillippa says, “It’s only a thought unless it is put into action”. We are proud of how proactive we are. When we think of something we drive it forward to our clients. 

At Victoria Florists, we could see huge potential for them to have “logical” services to drive growth for their business. Importantly it is about looking after their clients too. Clever sales come from thinking deeper. What does your client actually need? If you can deliver what your clients need, then it is an easy sale. We wanted to make things easier for Victoria Florists clients and give them easy ways to help their clients, be kind people and give flowers with ease of ordering.  

Victoria Florists now have two fabulous clubs, one for Subscription Service, The Daisy Chain Club, a gift that keeps on giving monthly. Their customers sign up to receive flowers monthly for six or twelve months for themselves or a loved one. And Victoria Florists deliver a beautiful seasonal bouquet.

Their Reminder Service, The Forget Me Not Club, is The secret to remembering those special occasions. Their clients simply register their loved ones privately on the website, and three days before the special occasion, they receive an SMS asking them to opt in or out. Victoria Florists provides an easy technique for remembering those special events.

Victoria Florists ‘Daisy Chain Club’

Give someone special the gift of flowers every month

The gift that keeps on giving: the Daisy Chain Club is a flower subscription service that makes it easy to have fresh seasonal blooms delivered throughout the year – e.g. to a loved one, a workplace, or to the subscriber themselves.

The subscriber can choose whether to send flowers monthly for 6 months, or monthly for 12 months. Free delivery is included within the Christchurch Area, and there are three price options: the timeless and enduring ‘Classic Collection’, the meticulously curated and exclusive ‘Boutique Blooms’, or the highest level of quality and distinction, the ‘Supreme Selection’.

Perhaps the only thing lovelier than a bouquet of beautiful flowers is a fresh supply of seasonal blooms throughout the year. Add beauty to your own life or make Mum or your partner feel special with a gift that keeps giving. Exquisite flowers, and the promise of more to come. 

Victoria Florists ‘Forget Me Not Club’

The secret to remembering special occasions

Ever forgotten a birthday, anniversary or special date? The Forget Me Not Club helps people remember important dates so that the people in their life feel special when it really matters. 

The subscriber can secretly add a person, then enter important dates for them: like their birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion they might wish to celebrate or commemorate with flowers. It’s easy to add new people or dates throughout the year, and the subscriber can nominate a dollar amount, select a colour preference, add a message, and confirm the delivery address.

Three days before each important date, the subscriber receives a friendly text reminder. At this point, they can choose to opt in or say no to that specific order.

Then they leave the rest to Victoria Florists – their florists will create an exquisitely personal floral gift, so that the recipient feels great on their special day, and the sender feels good too!

All in all, it’s incredibly good value for a strategy that will generate new business. 

If you have clients that you could be delivering a better service to, or if you require our assistance in developing a service that you do not already provide, contact Pinnacle&Co. Because we are professionals in this field! 

To learn more about our new Subscription and Reminder Services, or how we can market your business in other ways, contact Pinnacle&Co. to arrange a relaxed chat and coffee (on us), with Phillippa Jacobs-Lory – our Founder and CEO.

There’s absolutely no cost or obligation involved.