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Our strategic approach to business.

What’s in a name? Does your company name define your business? Under a different name, would you still be you?

Recently a client asked us if we had changed our name because we’d partnered with another company, and the answer is ‘Yes we have. You!’

Believe it or not, we’ve been working on the decision to become Pinnacle&Co. since last year. We wanted a name that would reflect our new strategic direction, and show everyone that we’ve changed the way we’re doing business.

We started by interviewing our clients to see what they know and what they wanted from us. Most people knew we took care of the essentials, like designing great websites, logos, and advertising to help your brand stand out.

Others could tell us we communicated their message through PromoM@il campaigns or social media seminars. Very few knew we could take care of their strategic planning, advertising campaigns, loyalty schemes, project management, marketing audits, reports and customer surveys.

What a wake-up call. That realisation triggered a ‘eureka’ moment for us. Seriously. Just picture the light bulb above our heads flicking on. Those customer surveys taught us we need to be bigger than Mega. We need to be better at business so we can help our clients do the same. We need to become a strategic, creative agency to deliver the best possible results.

So Pinnacle&Co. was born.

We heard you when you said you wanted to achieve more than ad hoc results from ad hoc marketing efforts. At Pinnacle&Co. we’ve taken a proven marketing formula; Set goals, plan your advertising campaign, execute it creatively, measure the results, rinse and repeat. It’s not exactly rocket science, but we believe that by becoming your strategic creative partners, Pinnacle&Co. can help your business take off.

By the way, saying we’re your strategic creative partners isn’t a clever tag-line. It’s a genuine commitment to partnering with your business to develop smarter, creative, more strategic advertising and marketing campaigns.

What does that mean for you? Great question. We’ll start by asking what you want to achieve and go from there. Every business is different, and our solutions are customised to suit you. We’ll come up with an ongoing monthly strategy that sees you regularly targeting new and repeat customer to help you achieve your goals.

Already our clients are experiencing the Pinnacle&Co. difference, but it’s clear you only get out what you put in. Those entrusting us with more of their marketing and advertising are seeing bigger results than those who have given us a little. What is clear, whether Pinnacle&Co. is doing a little or a lot is that every single business that’s joined with us in strategic, creative partnership is experiencing measurable growth. We’ll share some case studies in future blogs so you can understand what you can achieve when we work together.

So what’s really in a name? Could we have taken this new, strategic direction under our old name? Maybe? Does stepping out as Pinnacle&Co. make it clear that something major has changed about the way we do business? Definitely!

If you want to know more about our strategic approach to marketing, and what it means for us to become your strategic creative partner, let us know! Contact us on 03 377 0350 to set up a free consultation.