Howard Gant Consulting- Website

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Pinnacle&Co had the pleasure of partnering with Howard Gant Consulting to produce a fancy new website which give the right feel for the business. Howard Gant Consulting specialise in Finance and Risk Management with more than 30 years’ experience in New Zealand and internationally.

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Additional work for Howard Gant Consulting

Howard Gant Consulting – Print

Creative Field: Print

It was our pleasure to craft the business cards for Howard Gant Consulting at Pinnacle&Co. In addition to this, we’ve had the privilege of working on a variety of design projects for them. We take immense pride in the outcome, as the branding and collateral we’ve developed truly exemplify their unique identity and vision.

Additional work for Howard Gant Consulting

Howard Gant Consulting- Branding

Creative Field: Branding

Allow us to introduce the Howard Gant Consulting logo, a creation by our team at Pinnacle&Co! Our paramount goal was to infuse professionalism, simplicity, and uniqueness into the design. We believe that we’ve successfully achieved this delicate balance.

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