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Proof that SEO is worth the investment

Okay, let’s say you need a new roof, but you have no idea where to start. You go to Google and search for “roofing Christchurch”. And first off the blocks, you’ll see DCM Roofing. The number one result. And if you use another search engine, you’ll also find that DCM Roofing comes up as the number one result for nine out of the top 10 search engines.

DCM Roofing has been our client since 2012, and the company has been doing SEO with Pinnacle&Co since 2018. We do work with other roofing companies, but DCM Roofing works with us on all aspects of its marketing: website, advertising, promomails, blogs, social media, and SEO. And as the business has grown so we have been able to adapt the company’s marketing strategies.

“Working with Pinnacle&Co means we can get on with the business of maintaining and growing our business,” says Iain, Managing Director at DCM Roofing. “For example, we used to just get the odd request for skylights, and now we have skylights lined up in our factory ready to go. The demand is huge!”

We provide DCM Roofing with monthly reports, so Iain can measure how well the business is being noticed and what we’re doing to constantly raise the bar.

Phillippa says, “We work on all our SEO clients’ websites on a regular basis to ensure they are at the top of their game.”

The Finishing Touches is another example of how this home staging company ranks highly on Google, thanks to working with Pinnacle&Co on its SEO. And this is reflected in the business. “We always get The Finishing Touches on page one of the search results, and we regularly get a 70% open rate on the promomails we produce for the company,” says Phillippa. On top of this, we get a 46% click-through rate from people reading the promomail to people clicking through to the website – and that’s incredible. The industry average is 2.44%!”

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