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Quality Photography Wins Every Time

At Pinnacle&Co. we pay attention to every detail – including the photos clients use in their advertising and marketing. Not every photo is worth a thousand words though! Stock or Custom, when it comes to photography for advertising and marketing, quality photos win every time.

Whether we source and buy Stock photos from photo libraries, or use photos shot for a client by a professional photographer, the quality and authenticity of photography is so important!


For Stock photos, Pinnacle&Co. takes the time to search for images that are relevant, intriguing and on-brand.

We can also arrange for an experienced commercial photographer to take photos – an investment which creates truly authentic images.

Compelling stories

Either way, quality photography is a key element in telling compelling stories, connecting with customers/potential customers and building a powerful brand.

Which leads us into how Pinnacle&Co. can also help you with Copywriting: the wording for advertising and marketing content.

Professional Copywriting

Need a wordsmith?

The quality of the wording you use (‘copy’) is also critical.

If you’ve ever struggled to write marketing/advertising content, you’re not alone – it isn’t everyone’s strength.

Many Kiwis are too modest and don’t like to ‘blow their own trumpet’. Whereas Pinnacle&Co.’s clever Copywriters love letting people know why our clients and what they do, are so awesome!

Or maybe your challenge is that you have a way with words, but don’t have enough time to do your own copywriting.

“Whatever may hold you back, using a professional Copywriter provides a fresh perspective,”
says Phillippa – Pinnacle&Co. Founder and Owner.
“I walk the talk and use Copywriters for our business too.”

With 2023 predicted to be challenging for businesses, investing in professional Copywriting will help you retain clients, reach new clients, and pave the way to making 2024 easier.

Find out more about how Pinnacle&Co. can help you with professional Photography and/or Copywriting – we’re only a call or email away.