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Reaching your target market

Is your target market driven by details, or driven by trust?

As you’ll often see that doing strategic branding, it is the simple that wins over and over each time.
This is true when it comes to touching base with your target audience. Don’t complicate things!

We aren’t saying that there isn’t an exception to every rule, but mostly we fit one of these categories when we all purchase products or services.

When it comes to doing promoting to prospective clientele, we tend to break them down into two “types” of purchasers. Let’s make as simple as purchasing a red jug for your kitchen.

The Red Jug example No.1
The first type of person is the VISUAL IMPULSE-TRUST purchaser! The type that just wants it. Yes, they may have been thinking about it for a while, but once they are actually ready to buy, trust me they are ready! They are the type to go to the Briscoes Sales, the Farmers, Harvey Normans, The Kitchen Store, Ikea etc. They know they want it. They want that shiny red jug! They probably want a name brand like Russell Hobbs, Sunbeam, Breville or DeLonghi but they are not too concerned as they trust where they are buying from. They know the store chosen would only actually sell them something reliable, they trust the store has done the homework, that they do not need to. Once decided on the minor details, they are then simply excited and happy to buy! Usually from the first store also!

The Red Jug example No.2
Then there is the second type. You’ve all seen this before. The DETAILED PATIENT purchaser, who likes to take their time; sometimes called “painful shopper”. This type are more likely to shop around. They get on to the consumer magazines and website to compare brands, probably they even subscribe to it too. They also most certainly don’t buy from the first shop they visit. They may even spend the next month or so checking out stores and online of the jugs. The point with this person is they need DETAIL! And do not want to be rushed. Often they end up going to the first place, or the place they feel most comfortable at, sometimes the better service, but more like the details of the product life, warranties and reliability.

I might add now, neither of these red jug shoppers are wrong, just different personality profiles when it comes to making a decision.

The point of this message…
You’re probably having a chuckle to yourself right now because you fit one of those moulds… Right? The point I’m now wanting to make is… When you are wanting to do advertising/promotion for your company, whether it be in print, or online, on a billboard or a business card; you need to be able to satisfy two types of shoppers… The fast, trusting impulse buyer who visually needs you to stimulate. And the slow considered detailed buyer who needs the specifications, the details, the testimonials, guarantees and more…

So please don’t just do what suits your personality profile when it comes to promoting your services or products, your business needs you to cover both bases!
Need help with this? Just ask… That is why Pinnacle&Co. are the company to help, as we know how to reach your target markets with our clever strategies!

Cheers, Phillippa