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Regional Business Partner Network

– Helping you, helping us too.

As many of you know we’ve been working closely with Regional Business Partners – in this post-Covid world to help businesses retain and grow in these unusual times. We have really enjoyed this opportunity to get and help so many. Your business may be one of these. If you were still interested I believe there is still some money in the pot at the end of the rainbow, so let us know if you are interested in some help. 

Whilst we have been helping with strategy and ways to grow their businesses – we ask the logical question – how could you help us too? And the RBP talked to us about the opportunity of working on our business with the accounting side of things. We think of this like a part scholarship in a way, where we have funding – but we also put in significant funds too. Investing in our future as well. We have joined in with other businesses in Christchurch and we are on a course getting to know our business workings in the backend and getting to know our numbers better to help our business grow carefully. Yes, even nearly 23 years on we still enjoy learning and improving our business. Chic and Phillippa are getting right into this and amazingly benefitting from all the fresh intel they are learning. 

If you wish for some help for your business, please do ask, there are always ways to get you help.