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Success: it’s different for everyone

We want to know what success looks like to you: are you happy if you’re just getting by, or do you feel your business could benefit from a greater client base? Are your customers positively engaging with you or are they switching off? Maybe you need to engage more on social media, or conversely, what you’re currently doing isn’t getting results and you need to stop doing it.

Every business is different and not everyone is intent on world domination in their particular line of work. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of weeding out the tyre kickers, of attracting a particular type of client -preferably one that will return again and again, who pays on time, and is pleasant to deal with!

So, you have some processes in place, but you’re not sure how to turn up the volume? In this case, it’s simply about reviewing what you are already doing and stepping things up a notch. We are more than happy to walk you through your business plan and see where things can be tweaked, to discuss what’s working, and just as importantly, what’s not!

Successful marketing starts with the basics, and if you’re not doing these right then there’s zero point in spending your money on fancy campaigns that get you nowhere.

Every business should be familiar with their customer personas: fictional characters that are created to describe a particular subset of your customer base. Many businesses will need to target several different personas, and each one has their own needs and desired ways of receiving communication.

Email direct marketing for instance, is an inexpensive way of advertising your product to a large number of people, but EDMs are indiscriminate as to who they target, and are unlikely to be a successful marketing tool for anyone under 25.

On the flip side, social media campaigns can reap great rewards if they’re done right, but they are unlikely to be of much use if your customer persona is a 65-year-old male who isn’t big on tech. In this scenario, a good old-fashioned mail drop can pay some big dividends.

Perhaps you are an existing client who is wanting to shake things up and do more to gain more? Our goal is to get you the ultimate bang for your buck, and we will sit down with you and take a good hard look at what’s working for your company, and just as importantly, what isn’t. Maybe you are a prospective client on our database, wondering how to get started? The team at Pinnacle&Co. are approachable and friendly and we love what we do, but most importantly we get a kick out of making a difference to your business.

Phillippa has a formula that she’s been testing and tweaking for over twenty years now, and it really does work, so please call Pinnacle&Co. on 03 3770350 today. Let us help you to kick those timewasters to the curb and start attracting the kind of customer you want to keep around long term.