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Have you got a plan?

We’ve noticed a significant knowledge gap for small to medium-sized business owners when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Often, they’re just not aware of how much Facebook can help their business or how to use it to their advantage. With 1.9 billion active daily users, Facebook is a marketing channel you just can’t afford to ignore. It all starts with a plan – to generate leads, increase website traffic and build brand awareness.


What delights your customers? What makes them share posts and get involved with what you’re up to in your business?

Knowing how your customers think and feel will really help you with your Facebook and Marketing strategy. If you already have a business Facebook page, your Facebook analytics will give you a good idea of which types of posts perform best for you. It’s all about knowing what resonates with your customers and what makes them tick, so that you can offer them more of that through great content.


Once you’ve made a plan and figured out what your customers love and don’t love, you can start creating a broad range of content to appeal to them – whether it’s photos, videos, words, or other people’s posts.

You can see what works and what doesn’t so that you can start to target your audience more precisely. Draw attention to your company in ways that match your brand’s personality. If you’re wondering what your brand’s personality is, that’s another reason to get in touch with us. We’re the experts and have been doing this kind of work for over 25 years! And if you’re interested, check out our blog for more ways to build your Facebook and Marketing strategy.


Yvonne is our new designer and web developer! We’re delighted to have her on the team. Yvonne graduated as a Multimedia Artist from the Philippines. She moved to New Zealand in 2017 and worked as a graphic designer in Wellington. After further study in design and web development, Yvonne has found her passion for coding and is enjoying being part of our team. “My role is different day to day: one day I could be designing a banner or logo, the next I could be developing an entire website or doing SEO for our clients. I love the team, the dogs – it’s all so refreshing!” And a fun fact about Yvonne: she saw snow for the first time last month! “It’s sooo sparkly!” she says. Growing up on a tropical island, it was a novelty for Yvonne to see snow. We’re excited to have her on board.