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Top 3 reasons why the ‘why’ is so important

Paper might just seem like a piece of paper. You can write on it, screw it up, maybe make a paper aeroplane, and that’s about it? Well, did you know that a piece of paper can cut through wood when set up correctly? Defining the ‘why’ of your business is a little like you setting up the paper to cut through wood. The why isn’t just the purpose of your business; it’s the consistent reminder that keeps you focused and motivated. It’s your fundamental belief in what you do.

1. A why can be about changing the world

We often get caught up in the humdrum of life, but many of us also work to make a big difference in the world. Or even if it’s just a small difference, your business can help people live a better and happier life.

2. The why can be about more than just the money

Yes, a nicer car or house might be fantastic, but for many of us, money doesn’t just buy more stuff. It represents financial freedom and relief from debt. Freedom might be your why, but getting clear on what it is, will mean you’re dedicated to the cause, for as long as it takes.

3. You are your brand

Once you’ve sorted your ‘why’, you start to realise that you are your brand. Everything you do or say is a reflection of your business. So, are you reflecting on how you are perceived in the industry? For example, are you someone who says thank you? It can make a big difference.

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