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Trust, Quality & Measurable Results

It’s SO important to measure the success of your investment in marketing and advertising! Pinnacle&Co. truly values the trust our clients place in us – our priority is ensuring that we deliver quality work and measurable results.

A recent example of how Pinnacle&Co. did that, is our website content and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work for CanTab Commercial Cleaning, in Christchurch.

Commercial cleaning is a competitive sector and CanTab Commercial Cleaning has clear objectives for ranking on the first page of Google search results; for specific search terms.

They have an existing website (not designed by Pinnacle&Co.) and the owner got feedback from us about how to start improving the website content. They had some doubts initially when they experienced a drop in the first month or two after implementing all the changes to their website. Nevertheless, we understand that these processes require some time, and Google also needs to carry out its own optimisations. We assured them to have faith in us and to follow our recommendations, as with our SEO strategies, the website’s performance would improve. This is where the concept of trust holds significant value in our client services. Since this is our expertise and we engage in it consistently, we achieve favourable outcomes and possess the necessary expertise.

Key areas we helped with were: site structure, plus adding, editing and optimising page names and headings (including for their Services pages), and well as SEO work in the backend of the website.

‘Really happy to say we are back on the first page, so very happy about that. Thank you, to you and your team Phillippa for your efforts thus far. Onwards and upwards!’

Mike Maffey – owner

We love getting feedback and we appreciate that CanTab Commercial Cleaning trusted us and gave Pinnacle&Co. the opportunity to show them that with over 25 years of advertising and marketing experience, we really know what we’re doing! “We proved that in a very measurable way, by how the website is now ranking in Google. Trusting an agency with marketing or advertising can be a bit daunting sometimes, so we thank Mike for giving us the chance to work our magic!” says Phillippa Jacobs-Lory, from Pinnacle&Co.

ROI: Getting Measurable Results

Pinnacle&Co. knows our clients want and deserve to see that their investment translates into tangible results. E.g. increased sales, brand recognition, customer engagement, etc. We start by ensuring expectations are well-defined and we ALWAYS measure performance.

The businesses Pinnacle&Co. sees are really winning, are the ones who commit to regular, effective communication with customers/potential customers. E.g. digital EDMs (such as our PromoM@il newsletters), Blog Posts, Facebook, and Google Ad campaigns.

Defining & Tracking Success

Pinnacle&Co. discusses with our clients how success will be defined and tracked. E.g. Open Rates, Click-through Rates, Conversions (just a few examples, there are many more ways to measure results, depending on which communication channels and strategies are being used).

We also provide updates on campaign progress, through clear reporting and meaningful insights from the data we collect. Pinnacle&Co. has years of data to show how we’ve achieved measurable results for clients!

For Websites we create (all Custom-built: no dead-end templates!), once the website’s been launched, we use integrated analytics tools to track website performance, user behaviour and engagement. This data helps identify possible areas we can keep enhancing – such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), performance and user experience (UX).

Do you have a CRM?

Having a CRM (Customer Relationship Tool) is a low cost to your business, that’s likely to add the most value. E.g. to communicate with your clients and keep a record of all correspondence, track advertising spend and sales conversions, connect to your accounting system, and record useful information in a database about each client (just to mention some of the many benefits)!

If you’d like to learn more about how a CRM can help you (and have a demo), you’re welcome to come and see us if you live in/near Christchurch. Or we can have an online Zoom meeting with you.

Trust, Website Content & Google

Trustworthiness is very important to Google. It’s one of the key factors Google’s Search Quality Raters (actual humans!) consider when assessing the quality of websites, and Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS). Trustworthiness is especially important to Google for websites that could impact the future happiness, health, financial stability or safety of users. The phrase they use to summarise these types of websites, is ‘Your Money or Your Life’.

If Pinnacle&Co. isn’t working with you already, we’d love the opportunity to see how we can help you too. Have you had a complimentary 90-minute Discovery Session with Phillippa?