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We do the heavy lifting for you

For the last couple of years, Phillippa and Chic at Pinnacle&Co. have been immersed in the Lift Practical Business Building & Mentoring Programme, beginning in 2022 and culminating in a Lift Masterclass in 2023. This year, they are undertaking the Lift Mastery Class with Louise Neville, their Accountant, and her clever staff at Accounting Solutions Ltd.

This has been a significant investment for Pinnacle&Co., not just financially but also in terms of time. They have been adding systems, recording more data, and implementing what they have learned (indeed, their homework is regularly reviewed!).

Why are they doing this? Ultimately, it’s for their clients. They take their job very seriously, not just creating pretty pictures and hoping that something will magically happen for their clients. They have plans, both for their business and for their clients’ businesses, and they work on these plans constantly.

The Lift sessions involve them meeting every six weeks with other participating companies. In these sessions, they engage in workshops addressing key questions, including ‘What does success look like?’, ‘How does a slow economy affect my business?‘, and ‘What is the most effective way of cutting costs without affecting quality?

“We have been privileged to have had the opportunity over the last couple of years to listen to a number of speakers who are experts in their respective fields, with topics ranging from carbon credits to future investments. Chic and I are constantly learning how we can apply our newfound knowledge to help our clients,” Phillippa says. “I can’t recommend Louise and her programme highly enough. We have come away with even more tools in our arsenal for building solid business foundations, and we can’t wait to apply our skills to help YOUR business grow.”

Give Pinnacle&Co. a call today and let us help you grow a profitable and sustainable company that’s as stress-free as it can be.