What We Do

What does it mean for Pinnacle&Co. to be your new strategic, creative partner? Naturally we provide one-off solutions to take care of your website, advertising or marketing needs. However, the Pinnacle&Co. point of difference comes from our long-term planning, our strategic approach to problem solving.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide your business with a customised solution, specifically designed to grow your business.

Strategy & Planning

Failing to plan may not be planning to fail exactly, but ad hoc marketing efforts will never give you the best results over time. Being proactive, rather than reactive means partnering with you, understanding your business, and planning coordinated marketing and advertising campaigns that achieve your long term goals.

At Pinnacle&Co., we focus on the big picture, while our strategic plans and creative ideas help you take each step along the way.

Advertising Campaigns:

To cut through the noise and countless messages we face every day, you need a creative delivery and clear message across multiple platforms. Pinnacle&Co. targets your existing and potential customers with appealing visuals and a creative message in the right place to reach them, whether that’s print, online or social media.

Marketing Plans:

What is your plan for bringing new in new clientele? If you’re marketing only when your business is quiet, you have left it too late. Pinnacle&Co. helps you plan for success with proactive marketing strategies for growing your business.

Social Media Strategy:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn represent the most cost-effective, most targeted, and most measurable marketing platforms ever. Pinnacle&Co. has held well over 150 Facebook training seminars, and can create a long-term social media strategy for your business that engages customers and drives conversation.

Brand Essentials

What does your business need to look professional and reach your customers? Your sales and marketing material, both on and offline, should portray confidence, success and help you create the best first impression. Our Pinnacle&Co. Brand Essentials lay the foundations so you can build an effective business.


A distinctive logo will help people remember you long after your first interaction. Do you want your new company to make an impact, or maybe refresh the look of your established brand? Pinnacle&Co. can create a corporate image and identity that will set you apart.


From large to small, e-commerce or interactive, Pinnacle&Co. are your website experts. Every New Zealand business needs a digital presence, and we create custom websites that establish your credibility, attract customers and drive action. Simply, we love building websites.


Brochures, posters, or leaflets must be high quality to jump off the page and engage with your clientele. Pinnacle&Co. can take care of the entire design and print process, making sure your printed advertising and marketing material reflects your own high quality and professional standards.


When showcasing your products, your team, or examples of your work, our photographers tell the right story for your audience. High quality photography gives your business a professional image, adding the X-factor to your website, advertisements or online presence.


Words should jump off the page, captivate the reader, and convince them what to do next. From websites to blogs, posters or brochures, we can take care of all your writing needs. Pinnacle&Co. writes copy that sounds like your business and clearly communicates your message.


No sign on your business is a sign of no business. Let people know who you are, wherever they are. From billboards, to outdoor signage on your building, indoor signs by your front entrance or sign-writing your vehicle, Pinnacle&Co. can make sure your business gets noticed.


Go the extra mile to create your professional image. Pinnacle&Co. will take care of your business cards, company letterheads, email signatures, pens and presentation folders. What parting gift or lasting image do you want to leave your clients? We can put your logo on it.


When creating a new look for your products we really think outside the box! If you’re delivering goods or providing a product, Pinnacle&Co. can help you set new standards of presentation. Our creative packaging solutions will attract eyes and reinforce your brand.


Create trust and credibility with your customers in matching branded apparel. Embroidered business shirts, polo shirts or even hi-viz clothing can show the world you’re part of a professional team, creating a solid first impression for your business.

If you want your business to stand out and make a positive impact with your clients, contact Pinnacle&Co. about our range of Brand Essentials. From just one solution to the whole Brand Essentials range, we can strategically provide your business with quality website, advertising and marketing solutions.

Communication Consistency

Having a brand is a great first step. The next stage is communicating your message clearly and consistently. That’s the key to keeping your clients engaged and your business at the top of their minds. How often are you talking with your customers across all your communication channels?

Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the new word-of-mouth marketing, and cannot be ignored in this digital marketing age. Are your social media platforms promoting the professional image of your business? Pinnacle&Co. can create consistent branding and communication across all your platforms.


Direct email campaigns send your message straight to your customer’s inbox. You could reward loyal clients, share a ‘behind the scenes’ story or promote your products and services. If it’s right for your audience, Pinnacle&Co. compose creative PromoM@il campaigns with clear messages, driving action and achieving your goals.


How do you give your customers value, and bring visitors to your website while improving your Search Engine Optimisation? Pinnacle&Co. write and upload targeted blogs that over time, can improve your Google rankings and convince potential customers you can solve their problems.

Social Media Seminars:

You know your business needs to be online, but you’re not sure what to do? Pinnacle&Co. host regular seminars on using Facebook. We can also advise you on using Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We host public seminars, or we can personalise one-on-one sessions for your business, so you get the best social media head-start.

Coordinate your message on a regular basis, so all your marketing channels help achieve your business goals. For clear, consistent communication across your website, social media, and PromoM@il.

Advertising Attention

Effective advertising campaigns should be targeted, proactively planned and strategically integrated to get you the best possible results. Have you been throwing lots of advertisements at the wall and hoping one of them sticks? Pinnacle&Co. run smart advertising campaigns that can generate new customers and increase your brand awareness.


With so many options for reaching your customers, how do you choose? As your expert partners, Pinnacle&Co. can create and actively coordinate your print ads in magazines or newspapers, advertorials, digital banners on your website or social media, online videos, TV commercials or radio jingles, to achieve the best results.

Sales Tools:

Every brochure, email, or branded piece of paper should convey your professionalism and your ability to do the job. Pinnacle&Co. can design and create flyers, brochures, quotes, tenders or proposals that stand out from the pack and increase your conversion rates.

Promotional Tools:

How will your customers remember you after you leave the room? Pinnacle&Co. can help you create a lasting impression with branded coffee mugs, coasters, stickers, t-shirts, or whatever you would like to carry your logo.

Pinnacle&Co. are your strategic creative partners, planning targeted, proactive, advertising campaigns that achieve the results you’re after for a smarter approach to advertising.

Customer Loyalty

It’s approximately ten times cheaper to retain an existing customer than seeking out new ones. How do you hold on to your hard-won clientele? Pinnacle&Co. can help you boost customer loyalty, convert satisfied clients into repeat buyers and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Loyalty Programs:

Increasing sales while adding more value for your customers almost sounds too good to be true. Pinnacle&Co. can design, create and implement upsell initiatives, cross-sell initiatives, loyalty cards and refer a friend systems to help you achieve just that.


Customers who feel valued won’t look for your products and services elsewhere. Pinnacle&Co. create customised gifts for your business that improve loyalty and retain your clientele. You can always count on people remembering how you made them feel.

To share the love, add more value, and turn happy customers into raving fans of your business, contact Pinnacle&Co. about creating customer loyalty rewards.

Customer Care

Do you want to take your business to the next level? To make the jump from good to great? These strategy and planning sessions represent the next level of customer care thinking, to improve your business to the highest possible standard.

Discovery Sessions:

What are your values? What’s your mission statement? What is your point of difference and why are you in business? We listen to you and what you want to be, to help you create a positive culture and a better overall company. A happy team means happier customers.

Customer Surveys:

How satisfied are your customers? Do they know about your full range of products or services? When was the last time you asked them? Pinnacle&Co. run customer surveys to identify what you’re doing well and the areas you can improve, so you can make your company even better.

Mystery Shopping:

Make sure the customer experience you promote is what people actually receive. The Pinnacle&Co. team can go undercover to check and evaluate your customer’s total experience, and make sure it meets your expectations.

Project Management:

We are not in the business of giving you the tools and leaving you to your own devices. Pinnacle&Co. are your strategic creative partners, and we will oversee your projects from conception to completion. That’s what true partnership is all about.

Marketing Audits:

In order to improve, we have to know what’s working and what isn’t. Before we come in with our ideas, we listen to you and evaluate your current marketing and advertising efforts so we best understand your business.

Reporting and Analysis:

Did your last advertising campaign achieve what you planned? The only way to know for sure is to test and measure. We can deliver reports and analysis from your Pinnacle&Co. marketing and advertising initiatives, so you can see and understand your results.

We want you to come with us to the next level, to make your business more proactive, and more strategic, helping you to lift your game overall.