Social Media benefits for using it for your business

It can be quite overwhelming where to start or if to start going down the social media path in your business. Let’s break down some thoughts for you. 

So which platform is for you? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? LinkedIn? Snapchat? It comes down to the more you know your target audience the better, but it also comes down to what is comfortable for you. If you really don’t enjoy Facebook or the thought of doing social media, then is it the right thing for your business, that you would hate/dread doing everyday? It has to be the right fit for you personally too. That is partly why we run seminars, so after two hours you know if it is for you or not. You might just find out how easy it is. 

So why use Social Media? Why does “everyone” tell you to be on it? If you think of Social Media online as today’s “modern letterbox”. Years ago, we used to post stuff, collect stuff, read stuff, throw junk mail away from our letterboxes at home, or even our PO Boxes, however now it happens to be online, not a mail box at the end of your driveway. Now days we do all of this online, we choose to read something, delete it, subscribe, scroll past, pass it on to friends, the same as your mail box at home – just this is all done online now. If you think about it like that, it perhaps isn’t quite so scary now? 

Also if you think of social media as a way to reach and engage with a different audience that you might not normally be able to be in front of, then this can be of a huge benefit to your business communicating with the right audience. 

Facebook is clever, as we often say here at Pinnacle&Co. – human beings hate Facebook knowing about their likes, their age, their habits, but as a business it is perfect knowing this, as then you can advertise straight to your target audience. 

How? As when you joined Facebook, you told them your gender, where you live, your age, what you like, by the pages you like, by the comments you make, by the posts you like. Is this good? Well personally I believe it is. 
You might get a few adverts in front of you on your newsfeed that aren’t for your interests, but you’ll keep scrolling if they aren’t of interest to you, however if they do spark a inner light in you – then perhaps putting that shoe advert, or the cooking advert, a concert, a sport event in front of you just might be helpful? So don’t fight it, just go with it, and delete it or keep scrolling if it isn’t for you. As a business though, Facebook say that you can be 95% accurate with your hitting your target audience through boosting and promoting your adverts and page – this is because you are choosing who you want to be in front of. And if they like your page, then they DO want to hear from you – so don’t be shy. You can advertise on your Business Facebook – and send them to your website to view more about your offer. Or you can wait for someone to Google you – remember your audience is right there! 

Also you tell me where you can spend $2+ on a photo for many many people to see. It really is one of the bestforms of “bang for your buck”. What we clearly call at Pinnacle&Co. as underpriced attention. 

Benefits to your business:
1. Reach people you wouldn’t normally 
2. Measure your reactions
3. Underpriced attention 
4. Exposure, brand awareness 
5. Communication – be seen
6. Increase website traffic, great for SEO
7. Generate leads, better still, convert to sales 
8. Help being found on local search 
9. Advertise directly to people that like you

It’s simple way to communicate, it’s easy to use, and it’s effective! 

If you are interested in knowing more, then please call us, we would love to help you. 

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