P&C Case Study: The Finishing Touches

Keeping it real, and keeping it fabulous.

When Jayne Morgan took over the reins of ‘The Finishing Touches Home Staging & Presentation’ a few years ago, she knew the business was strong but was looking for a way to create an equally strong brand.

“At my initial meet-up with Pinnacle we identified that my main market was real estate agents, particularly those selling unfurnished properties that needed to be brought to life with light, stylish, on-trend interior design elements – well the finishing touches really – but what I was less certain about was the best way to reach out to them for work.” Jayne hasn’t looked back since she started working with Pinnacle&Co.

“What was key from my point of view was the creation of a memorable brand, for me and for my business, and then reinforcing that brand with fresh marketing and promotions,” says Jayne.

“Pinnacle&Co. branded my entire business from the website and vehicle, to the business cards and email campaigns. I love the look of the design work the team creates. It’s always a professional-looking finished product. “The monthly promotional emails I send to my database have really worked well for me, popping up regularly on people’s screens, and being shared with others – Phillippa also suggested creating advertisements to be included in their newsletters” says Jayne.

“And I know it is working in terms of my business performance, over the past two years our capabilities have increased four-fold. That’s an amazing increase directly from better branding and promotion”.

“What’s been great for Jayne,” says Pinnacle&Co. Director Phillippa Jacobs, “is that we have helped her understand what is working for her in terms of marketing and promotion. For example, we know what percentage of the promotional emails are read, and how many results in click through’s to the website. We feed this back to Jayne and keep her informed as we go along, measured advertising will always be more successful as it enables us to fine-tune the creative based on performance.”

“At the start we did a ‘discovery session’ with Jayne, this allows us to make sure we fully understood her business, goals and personal style. That way we could best help Jayne target her efforts,” Phillippa says.

Jayne says working regularly with our team on her promotional ideas keeps the momentum going.

“It’s a regular rethink about where you are at and where you are going” says Jayne. “It helps me to look at my own business with fresh eyes. I trust that Phillippa and the team always have my best interests at heart and that the advice they give me is sound, well-informed and tailored to my business needs.”

“I like Phillippa – it’s as simple as that! She is great to work with. She keeps it real.”

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