P&C Case Study: Juice Electrical

How to build a great brand.

Great partnerships are built on trust. When Greg and Helen wanted to re-brand their electrical business they called Phillippa at Pinnacle&Co. Twice. That’s two re-brands since 2005 as their business changed and grew. “We trust Phillippa. Her ideas are always spot on,” says Helen.

Our brand gets us noticed. “The Pinnacle&Co. team developed a new brand for us that seems deceptively simple. A big electrical plug in bright colours and a great name. Juice. Deceptively simple!”

“Once we landed on our name change and logo we went about re-branding.” The Pinnacle&Co team took care of everything; our branding/logo, new business cards, uniforms, website and sign written vehicles. “Now we are hard to miss, everyone notices our vans!” 

Walking the talk. While the Juice brand is strong, it is backed by their whole of team commitment to do the best by the customer and do great work. “There is no sense having a great brand without a strong idea of who you are and what you are offering your customer,” says Phillippa. 

Getting the Juice name out. A great brand needs to be promoted. As Juice’s strategic creative partners it is our job to give great promotional advice. Facebook advertising, letterbox flyers and monthly promotional emails have worked extremely well for the Juice business, keeping them top of mind and instilling confidence in customers.

The final word belongs to Helen, “Whenever we see that sparkle in Phillippa’s eye we know she has hit on a great idea for our business!” 

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