P&C Case Study: Funky Pumpkin

How do you know if your marketing efforts are delivering results? Are you strategically targeting your customers and getting a return on your investment?

Obviously you’re the expert in your chosen field. You know the ins and outs of your business, and provide quality goods and services. So why should you partner with a strategic marketing agency to get your message across? Here’s what happened when Laura and Ryan Jory, the new owners of Christchurch produce store Funky Pumpkin came to see us.

“We were spending a lot of money on radio and Facebook promotions, but it was hard to judge the results,” says Laura. “We were new to the business and we didn’t know our customers, or where they were coming from.”

As well as marketing and advertising help, the newly rebuilt business needed a facelift.

“People didn’t like the large blank walls. We wanted to create a more friendly, welcoming atmosphere, but again we weren’t sure where to start,” she says.

“We heard about Pinnacle&Co. through word of mouth,” says Ryan. “We met with Phillippa and the Pinnacle&Co. team, and they put together a package for our website, rebrand and design.”

“We outlined our process, and why it’s important to get your brand essentials sorted before spending money on regular communication or marketing,” says Pinnacle&Co Director Phillippa Jacobs.

“If you’re advertising, but haven’t got the essentials like your logo, brand and look just right, you’re throwing money down the drain trying to bring people into an unprofessional looking environment. Likewise, if you finish your branding essentials but don’t have a regular communication and marketing strategy, customers won’t know to come to you,” she says.

Pinnacle&Co. created a new interior for Funky Pumpkin, including wall decals and store signage.

“The difference Pinnacle&Co made is incredible,” says Laura. “Instead of blank walls we have fun, bright images that have really transformed the space. Plus we have a brand new website that’s getting a lot more traffic.”

Having sorted The Funky Pumpkin’s brand essentials, Laura and Ryan’s next conversation with Phillippa was about repeat communication and customer loyalty.

“We spent a few sessions with Laura and Ryan working on their Facebook strategy,” says Phillippa. “To their credit, they have really picked up and ran with what we taught them and they’re now regularly and actively engaging online with their customers.”

“When I brought up the idea of sending regular PromoM@ils, we realised we didn’t have a database to send to. That’s when we came up with an idea of how we could create our own,” she says.

“When Phillippa suggested the idea of a loyalty programme, we weren’t so keen,” says Ryan. “We didn’t want to be just another card in someone’s wallet with offering a discount after your fifth visit. Phillippa explained how we could do something different, and we discussed the idea of a loyalty programme like you would find at the supermarket.”

Here’s how The Funky Club works. People sign up in store and get a laminated tag with a unique barcode they can put on their keychain. Scanning your Funky Club tag every time you come in to shop gives you access to instant discounts, exclusive prices and puts you in the draw for spot prizes and giveaways.

In the first week, The Funky Pumpkin signed up over 1000 people. After 13 weeks they had 8500 registered, and as of November 2017, The Funky Club has over 10,000 members. That’s roughly 100 new people signing up each day.

Now with an active and ever-growing database, we could really get the communication consistency stage of our process underway.

“Every two plus weeks Pinnacle&Co. sends out a PromoM@il with the latest Funky Club specials. For the next few days after the mail out there’s a direct increase of people through the door wanting those specials. We know our customers now, so the challenge is back on us to make sure we have enticing specials and enough fresh produce in stock,” says Ryan.

“Ryan and Laura at The Funky Pumpkin are following our strategic marketing formula and are harvesting the rewards,” says Phillippa. “It’s so satisfying to work with clients who trust us as their strategic creative partner, trust our expertise and are now seeing incredible growth.”

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