Strategy & Planning

Failing to plan may not be planning to fail exactly, but ad hoc marketing efforts will never give you the best results over time. Being proactive, rather than reactive means partnering with you, understanding your business, and planning coordinated marketing and advertising campaigns that achieve your long term goals.

At Pinnacle&Co., we focus on the big picture, while our strategic plans and creative ideas help you take each step along the way.

Advertising Campaigns

To cut through the noise and countless messages we face every day, you need a creative delivery and clear message across multiple platforms. Pinnacle&Co. targets your existing and potential customers with appealing visuals and a creative message in the right place to reach them, whether that’s print, online or social media.

Marketing Plans

What is your plan for bringing new in new clientele? If you’re marketing only when your business is quiet, you have left it too late. Pinnacle&Co. helps you plan for success with proactive marketing strategies for growing your business.

Social Media Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn represent the most cost-effective, most targeted, and most measurable marketing platforms ever. Pinnacle&Co. has held well over 150 Facebook training seminars, and can create a long-term social media strategy for your business that engages customers and drives conversation.