Effective Advertising

People are so over advertising! – This statement is true to a point. 

Though to be more exact, people are over the traditional types of advertising we have all endured for the past few decades, granted there have been some high-points, and we can all describe an advertisement that pulled on our emotions and persuaded us to act in a certain way – for me it was  the Telecom ads that used the animals to visually tell a story, brilliantly simple, yet very strong messaging allowed me to be persuaded to take action.

Advertising statistics tell us beyond doubt that our industry is in a state of reinventing itself. 
As we adapt to changes in the traditional way of doing things, a whole new world of possibilities is opening up around us, think online and the likes of YouTube and Facebook. 

As a business, you need to know which of these channels are best suited to telling the stories that point people towards your brand, business or promotion. Online promotion is now a given, but how hard you lean on it as a business really depends on who you are talking to, and what you want to say.

For some it will be a hard road to walk as good results can be hampered by budget or time constraints, to succeed where your competitors fail you need to get a better understanding of how these new vehicles for promoting and selling work. We can help with that.

Defining these new platforms is their ability to target and communicate to very specific audiences in very specific ways, and here’s the challenge, to use these very granular features to their fullest, you must understand your audience, what they want from your business and what motivates them to engage – sounds pretty simple, and it can be. The best decision here is to engage with a professional to help you define these patterns – we can help with that too.

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