Meme’s getting us through

I have loved all the memes on Social Media that people put up – it’s been refreshing in this crazy time. 

I also took note of a couple on my newsfeed, and thought I would share, as I feel that times like this we need a “reset of the mind” Sometimes it is all how you look at things! 

Don’t let things weigh on your mind, take the steps to help yourself, your business and your clients. 

I have a neighbour that has a coffee van. Their business has totally changed, as they are normally doing sports grounds each week, country shows, schools sports days you name it. This could be closed, but no – they are on Facebook, Coffee van open from home, orders taken and paid for online, coffee picked up (at social distance) Brilliant! Go on – reinvent. Take this opportunity! 

Are you a small business, a large business, medium? doesn’t matter to us, we love working with all size businesses.

We love helping businesses grow. It makes our wheels spin! Which made this cartoon so on target for me personally. We often have such great ideas, proven ideas, we know what we are doing and have results to speak for themselves.

But we do notice that often businesses are doing it harder than they should be! So next time we suggest an idea, don’t just carry on doing it hard. As I said our results show we do, are tested and measured, moved, adjusted and time after time – when people let us help – they are the ones that succeed. ASK US FOR HELP!

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