Opportunity Knocks!

Don’t not answer the door!

For those who know me and know me well! You will know under times that we are faced with at the moment that will often bring out the best in a person/people and their companies! And I do tend to thrive or rebel when times get tough.

What’s been happening at Pinnacle? We have been lucky to be working through. Reduced hours and reduced income, but awesome attitude by the staff and the clients we have been working with.

It amazes me the difference of attitudes out there. Don’t get me wrong, I know some businesses are hurting and I know some business owners aren’t coping so well. But I love how some of you are not giving up. Earthquakes came and OMGosh I sometimes wonder how we got through that. But I know digging in, working hard and being positive can help so much. Now, this Covid-19 thrown in our face with extensive Lockdowns. Who would have thought this was coming. Only 2 months ago I paid for a trip to Chicago, now our borders are shut for how long? Twisting the attitude is everything. Sure I don’t get to go to Chicago now, but I do get to see NZ. I can travel more, support local places, see our beautiful country that people spends millions on coming to see. Let’s help support each other, support local, support NZ…

Your Opportunities

1. I don’t mind being that Zoom call that just listens if you aren’t coping and then help you with an inexpensive positive plan. 

2. Maybe you want to go for it – need a good solid strategy/marketing plan – we can do this with you, there is probably funding available to help you with this too.

3. Facebook – this is a very inexpensive way to do advertising. I’ll give some pointers below in the Facebook section. 

4. Do you have a blog on your site? You could write some now on your products and services. 

5. How much are you communicating with your clients? We have affordable ways of communicating with clients. It is crucial you are keeping up with the communication. People wonder if you are working at the moment, they probably need your service but if you are sitting back doing nothing – you’ll get nothing. Be proactive. Maybe a Promotional email isn’t in your budget. What about just picking up the phone? Talk to your clients? Ask them if they are ok! Reignite some of your relationships.

6. Be there. None of us are perfect, even us who “tell you what to do” don’t always get it right. But the best words I can give you is to be there and BE SEEN. If you have Facebook – use it! You need to be posting 2-3 times a week at least, because once a month is not “using Facebook” – take advantage of this awesome tool and get out there.  

7. Scared of LinkedIn? Everyone is! It is like anything – until you get comfortable using it, it is just a thing that frightens and gets you down. Start looking at it, be brave, post something. LinkedIn is a brilliant platform for business to business, so if you’re in business get started today. Need help?

8. Take the time to look at your website, is it saying what you actually do? Pretend to be a FIRST TIME VISITOR to your site. Is it really saying what you do? How you do it? How to contact you? Happy to do a review with you on this. Take this time (if you have spare time) to evaluate what you offer. 

9. How old is your website? We are very good at working with budgets and cashflow, so do talk to us about a way to improve what you have. We are very proactive about helping improve your business online. Remember this is the window of opportunity to your business at the moment. It needs to be at it’s best. 

Phillippa Jacobs - Pinnacle&Co

Cheers, Phillippa 

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