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At Pinnacle&Co, we had the pleasure of designing the website for Canterbury Roof Coatings. Specialising in roof restoration and recoating, Canterbury Roof Coatings offers an affordable alternative to re-roofing, enhancing the longevity and value of residential, rental, and commercial properties. With expertise in various roofing substrates, they provide tailored solutions, including cleaning, repairing, and painting concrete, metal, galvanised steel, and textured roofs. As licensed Gerard Roof Coating installers and approved Aalto Roof Systems applicators, their guaranteed coatings are designed to withstand New Zealand’s climate. Their commitment to superior workmanship and excellent customer service ensures that every project is handled with care and professionalism.

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Canterbury Roof Coatings – Print

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Canterbury Roof Coatings specialises in roof restoration and recoating services, safeguarding your roof against the elements while enhancing the value of your residential, rental, or commercial property. Pinnacle&Co had the privilege of designing their business card.

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