Random Acts of Kindness

True success comes from what you give, and at Pinnacle&Co. we are fortunate to be in a position where we can give back to our community.

Pinnacle&Co. proudly sponsors Pay It Forward, a not-for-profit organisation who organises Random Acts of Kindness Day. We regularly provide design and marketing solutions for local groups like Pay It Forward who need a little advice. Again we decided to join in the fun.

The start of Spring, September 1st is Random Acts of Kindness Day. It started as a great idea. ‘What would it be like if one day, everyone was kind to a stranger?’ Wouldn’t New Zealand be a better place if we all did something nice for someone?

0800 Hungry had been making news headlines recently. New Zealand’s largest foodbank was struggling to make ends meet, but with the help of generous Kiwis all over the country, they fundraised enough money to pay their rent for the rest of the year.

“We’ve been operating for 16 years reasonably successfully, but you do have to live on the smell of an oily rag… That’s just the way it is in the industry we’re in,” says 0800 Hungry founder Kerry Bensemann.

That gave us an idea. We contacted a few of our clients, the amazing Cham’s Bakery in Mairehau and The Funky Pumpkin in Sydenham. They donated a massive amount of food. We stopped at the supermarket to buy some supplies of our own, and we dropped the whole lot off to Kerry and Nicky at 0800 Hungry.

As a non-denominational foodbank, 0800 Hungry relies totally on donations from people like us as well as lotteries grants. Since 2001, they have sent out 200,000 food parcels, and average around 250 a week.

“Everything’s delivered – it goes to the door. So we’re able to track it from the time we pick it up, all the way through, out the door and to the people themselves,” says Kerry.

Everything that’s donated is given out to those families in need as soon as possible.

“This was just one Random Act of Kindness that will support a number of families across Christchurch,” says Pinnacle&Co. CEO Phillippa Jacobs. “How much better could Christchurch be if more local businesses took an interest in their community?”

For Pinnacle&Co, supporting our community where we can is just a natural part of being in business. If you want to know more about giving, or you have an idea for partnering with us for another Random Act of Kindness, contact the team at Pinnacle&Co. today.

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