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It is so important at times like this that you keep your business going as smoothly as possible. “We are all in this together” – is smart wording, but true.
This has been an extremely challenging time and more is yet to come as we know. 

But pulling together to help other’s businesses, think about our staff, friends, family, and community – we have a better chance of less impact on us all. 

Affordable solutions to help your business

Business wise we have a few tips on keeping business going with COST-EFFECTIVE TOOLS for your business. We have many clients doing monthly SEO, PromoM@ils (promotional emails) and Social Media help. So let’s explain what you can be doing.

There are a few things… that we believe are necessary at unique times like this!


This is our term for ‘Promotional Email’

We know that this is a MASSIVE, (did I say MASSIVE?) part of communicating to your clients.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, your clients want to know what is happening.

  • If you are in the building trade, do you have enough stock? Do your clients know all is good? That you can complete their job?
  • Are you selling online? It is one thing “waiting for people to google you” it is quite another sending a Promotion to say what you have. 
  • Is your Business in the Service industry? Do they know you can work from home if needed; that you are still there to help? As times change daily – we can help with this too. 
  • You are in Retail? If so – then keeping people coming to you now is important. But then do you have a strategy for being online? Again – we can help with this. 

We had a client who had never used PromoM@ils to communicate. Following our advice, that client now sends a PromoM@il monthly. Last month they sold $500,000 of product from ONE promoM@il!!

Another company sold one tonne of a product in a heartbeat (in one day) – PromoM@ils do work! 

Social Media

This is the most Affordable Attention that you can get. You probably know this!

It is HUGE for business. If you aren’t sure how to get THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK, talk to us. 

What can we do to help?

  • Facebook Strategies
  • Facebook and LinkedIn banner cover designs
  • Social Media Adverts (for different platforms)
  • Help to write the text to go with the adverts
  • ‘Post’ for you if you need that help

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation

This is how you get ranked higher in Google. Often you might be told to ‘do Adwords’, but now is the time to get your website, up to date, and clever with clear messages.

If you “DO” sell online OR “COULD” sell online – then we have affordable online shop solutions, so ask us about them too. 

It’s important your website is great, easy to use, up to date, secure, etc. But it is so important that people find you in the first place.

Our results speak for themselves, our clients who have been doing SEO for a while are doing extremely well, those newly signed up are month on month showing great improvement.

Are you communicating with your clients? 

If you are – you are ahead of your opposition – who probably aren’t! 

‘Maintain Spend’ in times of crisis. There are many examples of this profoundly helping.

You don’t communicate at all but you want to? 

This is so important at times like this, and it is what we do. Please do pick up the phone and talk to us. We are here to help. And we can work with your budget. 

Most of all, we need to help each other in business. And we are here for you.
And we know you are there for us. We have had 22+ years of all types of things thrown our way, but standing together and helping each other is how we can all win.

All the best to you and your businesses, staff and families.

Phillippa Jacobs

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